My terrible weakness…

SShhh… I really shouldn’t be saying this, but I have a weakness. Two weeks ago, I spent absolute ages decorating a cake that should’ve been done in just one hour. The cake was priced at $300, but with the amount of time I put in, it was worth at least $400. And I was mad happy doing it too. Why? Because the friend who ordered it said these magic words: “I’ll leave the design to you.”

Now, whenever I hear these 6 words, my world turns a brighter colour as I skip my way to my sketchbook to see which design I wanna do next.  So while my customer-friendly official line is: I will give you whatever you want, what really gets me going, the thing that will evoke my undying commitment and servitude to your cake, is to let me do what I want.  (Told you I shouldn’t be writing this!)

The story is quite a funny one. J, who is a very funny lady by the way, wanted a cake for her son’s teachers. Apparently, her 12-year-old is an absolute horror in school, a right disaster-wreaking tornado, and so she wanted to send them a cake as a form of apology and as a “bribe” (her word) to them to not give up on him just yet.

So I decided to make a yellow cake because I’ve never done it before. Besides, it’s a bright, cheery colour that will hopefully do the trick in buying off those poor, beleaguered teachers. So the end result of spending about 3 hours cutting out those daisies and sticking them on neatly was a happy camper J, who on the same night after picking up the cake ordered another cake. This time, she wanted a pink birthday cake for her maid. Again, she left the design to me. Happy maid, happy me.