The not-quite-heart cake

One of the things I like about my husband Z is that he is just such a smart dude. Okay, so he failed O-level Maths, has the memory of a goldfish and the sense of direction of a middle-aged auntie. But he is the only person I know who can identify all the harmful chemicals listed at the back of a shampoo (because he is paranoid), knows what obscure-named medicines are meant to cure (hypochondriac) and has a conspiracy theory for every PAP policy (possible opposition party leader).

So last month, when I told him I would make him the Heart Cake, it didn’t take him long to figure out that I wanted to make it not because it was his birthday. I wanted to make it because I wanted to make it. His birthday just happened to be round the corner.

And who could blame me? The cake has a heart somehow shoved inside a fully baked cake. When I first saw it on I Am Baker (currently my favourite baker-blogger – prolific, inventive, unpretentious), I almost dropped to my knees in awe. I just gotta make it. Even if it meant spending an entire night baking, slicing, levelling, frosting, sculpting, and desperately in need of a wash, when I could be watching E News.

I can’t even begin to describe how it’s done so I’ll just direct you to her site so you can see her step-by-step tutorial yourself. At Z’s party where the cake was served, I was absolutely dying to see how the inside turned out. And… it wasn’t quite a heart. It looked more like a pair of lips which, thank goodness, was still kinda apt given the occasion. I was disappointed that I didn’t smooth out the corners enough, but our friends seemed quite impressed. And, as if by osmosis, so was Z. “Thanks for making the cake, darleeng,” he said later that night. I was relieved, because it meant that I didn’t need to go out and get him a real present.

But last week, he was reading the papers when he suddenly turned to me and said: “Eh, don’t play already lah. Where’s my real present? I been waiting a month.”

Told you he’s a smart guy.