Pleat cake for Tatler Weddings

Dear followers of my blog (yes, all four of you),

Apologies for not updating for a while but I really haven’t got anything funny to say anymore. Ever since I started making wedding cakes for friends and family, drama has been sucked out of my life. I’ve no time to experiment with new recipes, I’ve relegated my kids’ toilet training to our domestic helper, I’ve stopped talking to my husband. It’s been a peaceful life.

Except for the time when I decided to make this cake.

Tatler Weddings had asked if I could do something for their cake shoot. So I whipped out this idea I’ve been saving for the big time – recreate the gorgeous pleats of this Carolina Herrera dress.

So I cut up strips of parchment paper and drew the pleats on them.

Then I made fondant stripes and placed them over the parchment. Can I just say here that all that cutting and folding was a royal pain in the neck.

These vertical strips were the easiest part. It’s a different story with the rest of the cake at the back. The workmanship was a right mess — the strips were stretched out of shape, triangles were different sized, the folds had cracks. Tatler? More like Tatter.

And this was when my husband Z stepped in.┬áHe was silent for 5 seconds and I knew I was in trouble. “It’s not good enough for Tatler,” he said. I wanted to kick him but I knew he was right. The guy is always right. I couldn’t accept the fact that I had to redo the whole thing. I have a life, you know, things to do. Like watching Giuliana And Bill.

Then, I thought about my cake being featured in Tatler. If it’s perfect enough, I might become some cake celebrity and get invited to their parties where I can rub shoulders with society people and exchange hairstyling tips. OK man, let’s go.

So here is cake 2.0, ready for her close-up in the studio. Oh, did I forget to say that all that back-breaking toil was to decorate only the front of the cake?

Indulge me as I show you the details. After all that hard work, you guys better look a bit longer.

And now back to my peaceful life.