Even Better Than The Real Thing


STRIPES, babies, buttons – I thought I had exhausted the whole chocolate-cake-with-fondant-cut-outs design. But then D wanted a birthday cake for her mum and sis (who share the same birthday) and showed me a website with a chocolate cake with cute, retro circles on it. She wanted me to copy it and have the circles

The True Love Cupcake


IT WAS very clear to me that my husband Z (who, by the way, is the designated photographer of this blog) and I are meant to be the day I wanted this cupcake photographed. Finally, I’d found a modelling fondant recipe that wouldn’t melt at room temperature, and was able to make roses and leaves

Say It Ain’t Sew


I had grand intentions for S’s birthday cake. It was to be a two-tier chocolate ganache cake with pink and aqua fondant buttons attached to the sides. She is, after all, co-owner du jour of Swirl, a gorgeous boutique of very pretty clothes. But I was lazy and decided not to cut off the dome

Chocolatey Awful


ONLY a beginner like me would have the courage (or is it the lunacy?) to make a chocolate ganache cake for an outdoor wedding. All the pastry chefs I asked said the chocolate would melt into a cataclysmic mess. But I thought there’s nothing a little gelatin can’t fix. In fact, when L the bride

Flirting With Disaster


LET it be put on record that my very first wedding cake was a disaster of volcanic, Mount-Pinatubo proportions. G was getting married, and he was very brave to let me – a complete novice – bake his wedding cake. How hard could it be? I have a great recipe for a butter sponge, so



Teo Pau Lin is a former journalist with The Straits Times in Singapore who takes her baking hobby a little too seriously. She loves Thai food, Amy Winehouse, making tiered cakes and hearing the sound “ding!” whenever she opens her inbox. paulin@crummb.com

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