Cheesecake pops


I admit. When I first learnt I was pregnant earlier this year, I sent a few upward missives that went: “Lord, please give me a son this time round.” My firstborn E is a girl, so out of the purely selfish reason of wanting one of each, I wanted my second to be a boy. Just think

Lollipop Garden Cake


For my daughter E’s first birthday last year, I came up with the idea of making a mini bundt cake tower. For one whole year since then, I’d had this question niggling at the back of my head: What clever cake can I come up with next year? In the end, her 2nd birthday came last week and I

Earl Grey Pound Cake


Ever since I started this blog over a year ago, I’ve received lovely comments about how my posts are down-to-earth, unpretentious and self-deprecating. Well, this is not one of those posts. Today, I’m going to brag about what an utter genius I am for coming up with this most astounding of butter cakes, the Earl Grey Pound

Dad’s 80th birthday cake


I made a two-tier cake for my dad’s 80th birthday last month. But this post isn’t about how much he loved it (which I’m sure he did, even though crusty, conservative Teochew men like him don’t often express their feelings), or how much my relatives loved it, or how my 23-month-old daughter E wolfed down an entire slice all

The Worst TV Host On Earth


When I watch TV these days, I am confronted with a slew of urgent, sobering questions: ‘When will the economy pick up?’, ‘Why so many natural disasters?’, ‘Can climate change be stopped?’. But perhaps the most disturbing of all, ‘Why the heck is Bobby Chinn hosting a TV show?’ Every time I see his trailer on Discovery Channel, I

The Best Show On TV


As it is with many foodies, Discovery’s Travel & Living is the centre of my universe. It’s pretty much the only channel I watch, and I only hop out of it for cursory glimpses of the outside world during commercial breaks (or when that nauseating Bobby Chinn comes on). Recently, I kept seeing this trailer for a new

The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns

Look who’s baaaaaaaaaack… I’ve gone AWOL for a very long three months but it’s not without good reason, folks. 1. I was renovating! Yup. Changed the floors, hacked a wall, relined a bathroom, overhauled my entire kitchen and installed a brand spankin’ new oven which is bigger and meaner! But… 2. I lost my camera. So

W&A’s confetti wedding cake


This is what I’ve learnt from making the cake for my cousin Ambrose’s wedding last month. No matter what you wear or how stylishly you’re turned out, a wedding cake maker will only emerge from the occasion looking like a drenched chicken. This is what happened. Ambrose and his adorable wife, Wendy, had wanted a really

Pineapple and coconut crunch cake


Dear all, since the last time I wrote about cake decorating, my piping skills still suck so bad it could frighten small children. But! *cymbal clash!* I have found a solution to my dismal handicap. And it’s really quite simple. Don’t know how to pipe? Don’t pipe! There are other types of cakes in this world that

Easy cream puffs


The other day, I was at the Malay stall in my office canteen when I saw something that made me snigger in the way movie villains do — with eyes squinted to a slit as I smiled a slow, evil smile. But first, a bit of background. This Malay stall has been the reason that I’m known to be a bit

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