Introducing… Crumb!


It’s safe to announce it now: I’ve handed in my letter, hung up my poison pen, polished my KitchenAid, and am finally going into business! YES! Three years ago, I — and practically half of the baking fraternity around the globe — dreamt of opening a home bakery selling cupcakes, because they’re easy to do and

bakeware giveaway!


Back when I first started this blog and my daily readership was in the low 2-digits, my husband Z would jokingly suggest that I hold lucky draws to jack up the hits. Don’t be silly, I’d say. Slowly but surely, hordes of people will read me because they will find it impossible to resist my

Abstract sugarflowers


The last time I lost sleep over homework, Bill Clinton was still president, Jamiroquai was the It band, and I could fit into UK size 10 jeans — which is to say, it was a very long time ago. But there I was, last Friday night, sprawled out in bed with my eyes wide open

Sugar Flowers


For the past two days, my husband Z and I have been walking around looking like we could conquer the world. Me, because I’m about to finish a 5-week course in sugar flowers, which has taught me to make – among other things – the pretty posy above. Now, when I look at all the

Blueberry cheesecake


I’m beginning to wonder if E is really my daughter. The other day, I gave her a bit of this truly awesome blueberry cheesecake. She twirled it around in her a mouth for a bit, looked nonchalant, and went straight back to watching TV. Like, what?! How can my very own flesh and blood not

Guilt-free Chocolate Chiffon Cake


My husband Z turned 33 last week. When I asked him what cake he wanted as a present, he said a chocolate cake that’s “not too rich”. Ever heard of a chocolate cake that wasn’t rich? I haven’t. It’s like asking for steak without meat. But that’s what you get when you suddenly find yourself

Baby cakes


There were no words. The first thing I ate after giving birth to Kate on January 15 was a bar of Snickers. It tasted so indescribably good, so toe-curlingly divine that I seriously would’ve bitten off my husband Z’s head if he dared utter a word to interrupt. I had been a gestational diabetic for three months and was making up for lost time.

Sugar Underload


This is what I made for Christmas: Trifle with strawberries, peaches and an avalanche of mascarpone cream… Creamy cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache and chopped Snickers… Rice crispies bars with gooey peanut butter and chocolate ganache… And finally, petite cheesecakes made with condensed milk on a crust of digestive biscuits. Don’t ask me what was

Kinako chiffon cake with red bean whipped cream


This is shaping up to be a sucky Christmas. For the past few weeks, I’ve been put on a low-carb, high-fibre, no-joy diet because I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes — a (hopefully) temporary condition that afflicts pregnant women on the wrong side of 35. (Nawww, really? You always thought I was 28? Gee, thanks!) I feel

A&R’s Tiffany blue wedding cake


Here’s the thing about making wedding cakes. Baking and decorating a 9/7/5-inch three-tier is like tackling Mount Everest right there at your kitchen table. But once it’s conquered and displayed at a big venue, it can suddenly shrink into a blink-and-you-miss backside pimple. Case in point: the cake I made for my cousin Ricky’s wedding last week. The venue was One 15 Marina Club in

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