The Johnny Depp wedding cake

Bride-to-be N had a pretty unusual request. She had ordered a wedding cake topper, and the cake I was to make had to accommodate its size and style. When she emailed me a photo of it, I gasped back, So Tim Burton! It’s like you’re marrying Johnny Depp! Absolutely adorable.

The topper sat on quite a wide and thick base. So I made the top tier only 2 inches tall so that when the topper sits on it, it would blend right in and the entire three tiers would look proportionate. And so that all attention will be on the topper, the cake decoration was kept simple – just a sugarpaste ribbon and beads around the seams.

As it turned out, her husband – who works in men’s fashion – really does have hair like Johnny Depp. And N, in person, was even more gorgeous than her figurine. Swoon.