Ling & Douglas’ wedding cake

Terror has a new name: Stripes.

In the past, the one thing anyone could do to flood me with dread and trepidation is to ask me to make a birthday cake for a boy. Now, it is to make a cake with stripes. Sure, they look harmless. Just cut straight lines and paste them on. How hard can it be?

Well, I’ll tell you how hard. Check out my work table on a long, invariably exhausting day when I had to make stripes. You gotta make a lot of modelling fondant. You gotta roll them out really long. You gotta make sure it’s the same thickness throughout by using another smaller roller. You gotta cut out the stripes using a ribbon cutter (mail-ordered from the  US, I might add). You wet the section of the cake where the stripe is supposed to go. You lift up the stripe, only to find it stuck on the mat cos you didn’t flour the mat properly. Stripe is ruined, so you start over.  And you start over a lot because a million things could go wrong.

I found myself wielding my knife like a surgeon to get perfectly clean lines. To cover this 4-tier cake, I made 32 stripes. Thirty-two! Total number of hours? Six! By the time I was done, I was so spent I fell straight asleep.

But I was really excited about this cake because it was gonna look spectacular. Ling really liked my Vera Wang cake so she wanted something similar, but with three flowers instead of one. To match her wedding’s colour theme, she also had the brilliant idea that the edges of the petals be dusted in pink.

It didn’t take long to do but the effect was fantastic. Thanks for the idea, Ling!

And thanks to husband Z’s photography (taken on my humble work table with no special lighting other than what was streaming in through the window), this has become one of my favourite cakes. Totally worth the hard work :)