Ikebana wedding cake

Okay, I’m really proud of this one because it is a true Crummb original. Not copied from Martha Stewart. Not adapted from a cake from some wedding blog. But completely conjured up by moi! Well, alright, with some help from Mr Armani.

I saw this photo in the papers a few months ago. It was taken off the runway of the Armani Prive fall 2011 collection, which paid homage to Japanese kimonos, and I immediately thought of cake. That gorgeous headpiece, with the cluster of loops and ribbons, could be made into sugar. And it wouldn’t be too hard too.

It so happened that HC was undecided about her cake for her upcoming wedding. So she said the magic words: “Do you have a design you’re dying to do?” Why yes! I showed her the photo, gave her a description and knew she was taking a chance on something I’ve never done before. But thankfully she went with it.

This is how the loops were made:

I cut out strips of orange gumpaste and made long slits inside with a super sharp precision knife.

Then the strips are rolled up over, er, toilet rolls (haha!) and left to dry.

And that’s all there was to it. It ended up looking like a bunch of artfully bent straws in an ikebana arrangement. Like!