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Welcome to my office


This is my new office. I started work a few weeks ago and it’s definitely not what I’m used to. While my previous employer was a monopolistic juggernaut that had thousands of drones chugging away at its engines every day, my new company is a tiny set-up — and its smallness hit me hard on

Baby cakes


There were no words. The first thing I ate after giving birth to Kate on January 15 was a bar of Snickers. It tasted so indescribably good, so toe-curlingly divine that I seriously would’ve bitten off my husband Z’s head if he dared utter a word to interrupt. I had been a gestational diabetic for three months and was making up for lost time.

C&HM’s wedding cupcakes


I MADE 100 cupcakes for Clare’s wedding last month. For a former theatre critic who could articulate a theory for everything – from why certain men are commitment-phobes to why a salad works – she was amazingly straight-forward with her cupcakes. Her only three specifics to me were: banana, green tea and white chocolate. But

Chocolate mayo cupcakes with caramel buttercream


I love mayonnaise. I love anything that has it – sandwiches, potato salads, burgers, Japanese pizzas, California maki, mentaiko pasta, and now, maybe even chocolate cake. I’ve seen mayonnaise being used to make chocolate cake in several different cookbooks. Apparently, they’re all adapted from a classic recipe by Hellman’s, a mayonnaise brand. Replacing butter in

Milk chocolate peanut butter ganache


I’ve been dying to make this frosting since I came across it in Tish Boyle’s The Cake Book. She said: “Something downright magical happens when peanut butter and chocolate get together,” and she is absolutely right. The saltiness of the peanut butter reins in the sweetness of chocolate. So what you get is a frosting

My Wedding Cake


I’m going to make a lot of strawberry shortcake and write all about it in this blog because it is, hands down, my favourite cake in the whole wide world. As far as I’m concerned, chocolate fudge cake, tiramisu, brownies - or whatever most people say is their ultimate confectionery sin – don’t even come close. I love

The Feeding Of The 130


First up: These photos were not taken by husband Z. There was no artful styling nor meticulous framing because it was not the time nor the place for it. When a cake order threatens to become the mother of all cake disasters, the last thing you think about is photos for your blog. I’d thought

The Best Chocolate Cupcake


CALL off the sniffer dogs, the search is over. I have finally found the ultimate recipe for chocolate cupcakes, and I am delirious. Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to consolidate my core “menu” by finding the best recipes for the four basics: sponge cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cupcake and chocolate cupcake. This

The Perfect Blend


I’m one of those people who absolutely abhors coffee. Don’t tell me to take a sip and appreciate how woody, nutty or spicy it is. To me, it’s just bitter and leaves a sour taste in the mouth. (I nearly decided not to buy several top-name baking cookbooks because they contained sections under “Coffee Cakes”.

The True Love Cupcake


IT WAS very clear to me that my husband Z (who, by the way, is the designated photographer of this blog) and I are meant to be the day I wanted this cupcake photographed. Finally, I’d found a modelling fondant recipe that wouldn’t melt at room temperature, and was able to make roses and leaves