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Noelle’s 4th birthday cake

When I left journalism a year ago, I thought I had quit the rat race for good. No more jostling for promotions, salary increments, bigger headlines and all that tiresome stuff. I was now a full-time mother. The world I was moving into was a fluffy cloud of organising saccharine playdates, strolling down supermarket aisles

Faith’s four cakes

No doubt about it. This was one difficult job of hair-pulling proportions. F wanted to splash out on a few birthday cakes for herself. But it wasn’t to celebrate the xxth anniversary of her birth-date, you know, like how people normally do it. She wanted to celebrate the 15,000th day of her being alive. Okay,

The not-quite-heart cake

slice lo

One of the things I like about my husband Z is that he is just such a smart dude. Okay, so he failed O-level Maths, has the memory of a goldfish and the sense of direction of a middle-aged auntie. But he is the only person I know who can identify all the harmful chemicals

Vera Wang wedding cake


I didn’t wear a Vera Wang gown at my wedding (because I couldn’t bloody afford one). So as a bizarre form of vicarious reaction, I will spend the rest of my life making up for it by making Vera Wang cakes. And this is the first one. E first approached me wanting a wedding cake

My terrible weakness…

tall lo

SShhh… I really shouldn’t be saying this, but I have a weakness. Two weeks ago, I spent absolute ages decorating a cake that should’ve been done in just one hour. The cake was priced at $300, but with the amount of time I put in, it was worth at least $400. And I was mad

My 40th birthday cake

IMG_1868 lo

If you’re a little underwhelmed by my birthday cake, trust me, I was there first. I was turning 40 last month, and I had serious plans. I wanted to make a cake that was so majestic, such a visual assault on the senses, that all of you will have no choice but to concede what

Kate’s 1st birthday cake

IMG_1905 lo

When I was pregnant with Kate, I harboured a troubling question which I didn’t tell anyone until weeks before she was born. Intent on resolving it before she arrived, I typed these words to colleague J on my office laptop: “Did you ever feel you wouldn’t be able to love your second child as much

Randee Cake – Her World Magazine

Ivan's wife cake(2)

C’mon, tell me you’re dying to know how I got my very first gig on the latest issue of Her World. You don’t wanna know? Well I’m gonna tell you anyway, because while I’ve seen my name in print many times before, I’ve never been as excited as I was about this one. Dylan from

Noelle’s 3rd birthday cake


Kids birthday parties are absolutely exhausting. Last Friday, when my daughter E’s party was winding down to a close, I actually slumped into my sofa and, with mouth slightly ajar, fell asleep when there were still two guests left in the house. It wasn’t even a big party. All the food was ordered in, and

Kids Cakes


If you ever want to make me nervous, just ask me to make a kid’s birthday cake. But if you want me to really tremble in my housewife’s slippers, tell me it is for a boy. You see, I don’t have a son. I have no idea what makes them tick (or tear down the

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