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Pleat cake for Tatler Weddings

Dear followers of my blog (yes, all four of you), Apologies for not updating for a while but I really haven’t got anything funny to say anymore. Ever since I started making wedding cakes for friends and family, drama has been sucked out of my life. I’ve no time to experiment with new recipes, I’ve

Noelle’s 4th birthday cake

When I left journalism a year ago, I thought I had quit the rat race for good. No more jostling for promotions, salary increments, bigger headlines and all that tiresome stuff. I was now a full-time mother. The world I was moving into was a fluffy cloud of organising saccharine playdates, strolling down supermarket aisles

Ikebana wedding cake

Okay, I’m really proud of this one because it is a true Crummb original. Not copied from Martha Stewart. Not adapted from a cake from some wedding blog. But completely conjured up by moi! Well, alright, with some help from Mr Armani. I saw this photo in the papers a few months ago. It was

Faith’s four cakes

No doubt about it. This was one difficult job of hair-pulling proportions. F wanted to splash out on a few birthday cakes for herself. But it wasn’t to celebrate the xxth anniversary of her birth-date, you know, like how people normally do it. She wanted to celebrate the 15,000th day of her being alive. Okay,

Florentine tarts for my brothers

Don’t ask me how, but my husband was looking for some kids video for our daughter on Youtube a few days ago when they stumbled on Bohemian Rhapsody. And since then, the Queen anthem has been playing in my head on repeat. I first heard it when I was a kid, and I thought it

Ling & Douglas’ wedding cake


Terror has a new name: Stripes. In the past, the one thing anyone could do to flood me with dread and trepidation is to ask me to make a birthday cake for a boy. Now, it is to make a cake with stripes. Sure, they look harmless. Just cut straight lines and paste them on.

The not-quite-heart cake

slice lo

One of the things I like about my husband Z is that he is just such a smart dude. Okay, so he failed O-level Maths, has the memory of a goldfish and the sense of direction of a middle-aged auntie. But he is the only person I know who can identify all the harmful chemicals

Vera Wang wedding cake


I didn’t wear a Vera Wang gown at my wedding (because I couldn’t bloody afford one). So as a bizarre form of vicarious reaction, I will spend the rest of my life making up for it by making Vera Wang cakes. And this is the first one. E first approached me wanting a wedding cake

My terrible weakness…

tall lo

SShhh… I really shouldn’t be saying this, but I have a weakness. Two weeks ago, I spent absolute ages decorating a cake that should’ve been done in just one hour. The cake was priced at $300, but with the amount of time I put in, it was worth at least $400. And I was mad

The Johnny Depp wedding cake


Bride-to-be N had a pretty unusual request. She had ordered a wedding cake topper, and the cake I was to make had to accommodate its size and style. When she emailed me a photo of it, I gasped back, So Tim Burton! It’s like you’re marrying Johnny Depp! Absolutely adorable. The topper sat on quite

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