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The not-quite-heart cake

slice lo

One of the things I like about my husband Z is that he is just such a smart dude. Okay, so he failed O-level Maths, has the memory of a goldfish and the sense of direction of a middle-aged auntie. But he is the only person I know who can identify all the harmful chemicals

Vera Wang wedding cake


I didn’t wear a Vera Wang gown at my wedding (because I couldn’t bloody afford one). So as a bizarre form of vicarious reaction, I will spend the rest of my life making up for it by making Vera Wang cakes. And this is the first one. E first approached me wanting a wedding cake

My terrible weakness…

tall lo

SShhh… I really shouldn’t be saying this, but I have a weakness. Two weeks ago, I spent absolute ages decorating a cake that should’ve been done in just one hour. The cake was priced at $300, but with the amount of time I put in, it was worth at least $400. And I was mad

The Johnny Depp wedding cake


Bride-to-be N had a pretty unusual request. She had ordered a wedding cake topper, and the cake I was to make had to accommodate its size and style. When she emailed me a photo of it, I gasped back, So Tim Burton! It’s like you’re marrying Johnny Depp! Absolutely adorable. The topper sat on quite