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Sugar Flowers


For the past two days, my husband Z and I have been walking around looking like we could conquer the world. Me, because I’m about to finish a 5-week course in sugar flowers, which has taught me to make – among other things – the pretty posy above. Now, when I look at all the

Blueberry cheesecake


I’m beginning to wonder if E is really my daughter. The other day, I gave her a bit of this truly awesome blueberry cheesecake. She twirled it around in her a mouth for a bit, looked nonchalant, and went straight back to watching TV. Like, what?! How can my very own flesh and blood not

Guilt-free Chocolate Chiffon Cake


My husband Z turned 33 last week. When I asked him what cake he wanted as a present, he said a chocolate cake that’s “not too rich”. Ever heard of a chocolate cake that wasn’t rich? I haven’t. It’s like asking for steak without meat. But that’s what you get when you suddenly find yourself