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Mini layer cakes


Phoon Huat & Company (Pte) Ltd 231A Pandan Loop Singapore 128419 Dear Sir, Re: Urgent enrolment into the Wilton Method Cake Decorating Course I am writing to make an urgent request. Can I be slotted into your Discover Cake Decorating (Course 1) class scheduled in March? I was very disappointed to learn from your staff that the class is fully

Say no to child pornography and prostitution: Eat cake!


  I’VE been dying to announce this for a while and now it’s finally time: I’ve made a bit of money from the sale of my cakes. As of now, I’ve collected a grand total of $860 and it’s all going to charity. YAAAY! The idea came about a few months back when friends started asking me to make this

C&HM’s wedding cupcakes


I MADE 100 cupcakes for Clare’s wedding last month. For a former theatre critic who could articulate a theory for everything – from why certain men are commitment-phobes to why a salad works – she was amazingly straight-forward with her cupcakes. Her only three specifics to me were: banana, green tea and white chocolate. But

Caramel crumb bars


BEFORE you think I’m still on a rampage against Nick Malgieri, let me say right now that I had actually planned an ending to this post. And it reads: “You’re forgiven, Mr Malgieri.” See, I’m reviewing his latest cookbook The Modern Baker for the newspaper and I can’t possibly shred it to smithereens just because his

Hard candy


Alright. Persuaded by Stef, a reader who is sweet enough to have dropped a few comments in the past (I lerv comments!), I have decided to give Nick Malgieri and his %$#!@*@!!! caramel recipe another go. So I mixed 1/2 cup of sugar with 1 teaspoon of water, plonked it on the heat and DID NOT STIR. As it