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J&H’s polka dot wedding cake


IT can be done. A tall 4-inch cake can be covered with fondant and the secret is – *cymbal clash* – buy it pre-made! Two weeks ago, after my attempt using my own home-made fondant failed miserably (as detailed here), I spent a few days panicking. I won’t be able to give Jess what she

Mocking a mock-cake


DEAR fans (and enemies), I am still alive! I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been busy preparing for two wedding cakes which I gotta deliver next weekend - for J&H on Saturday and C&A for Sunday. And above is evidence that I’ve been a busy bee. I made this mock-up cake to iron out

The perfect sponge cake


Over the past year, my quest to master the sponge cake has led me to do innumerable weird things. Like buying just about any cookbook that has the words “perfect sponge cake” in it. Like slapping down $700 to buy a KitchenAid mixer because, I was told, you need proper equipment to make a proper sponge. And,