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Honey and buttermilk cheesecake


THERE’S a saying about cookbooks which I realise is quite true – the fewer the pictures, the better it is. You’ve been there before. You buy this gorgeous cookbook that has a photo for every one of its recipes. Each picture is meticulously styled, right down to the soft-focused, artful flicks of frosting. It makes you pronounce, “I, too,

Sponge cake – Test me, I’m positive


YESTERDAY, I made a sponge cake that was cottony soft, gorgeously tender and didn’t sink. But I wasn’t elated. It was – indulge me, since we’re in the thick of Olympic season – a cake that tested positive. Let me explain. For as long as I remember, the epitome of a great cake is the sponge

Chocolate glazed marble cake


I DON’T care what anyone says about the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I thought it was amazing. Okay, the segment where the baseball-capped performers formed a flapping dove was a little too camembert for me. But that phenomenal opening act with the drummers – how can anyone not get goosebumps? So I set out to

Peaches and cream tart


WE’VE been married for over two years now and it still shocks me just how incompatible my husband Z and I are with regards to food. I love to eat. He doesn’t. Food makes me happy. He just wants to get it over and done with. I like roti prata kosong. He must have his

Chocolate mayo cupcakes with caramel buttercream


I love mayonnaise. I love anything that has it – sandwiches, potato salads, burgers, Japanese pizzas, California maki, mentaiko pasta, and now, maybe even chocolate cake. I’ve seen mayonnaise being used to make chocolate cake in several different cookbooks. Apparently, they’re all adapted from a classic recipe by Hellman’s, a mayonnaise brand. Replacing butter in