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Queen of Sheba


I THINK I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like chocolate. In a food column I used to write for the newspaper, the signature question I asked the subject every week was “What would your last meal be?”. Many of them said chocolate, and I never understood it. What’s the big deal about chocolate? If I were to

White chocolate mousse cake with summer berries


I’VE had it with whipped cream. Why is it so difficult to make? All it takes is one stroke of the whisk to turn what promises to be a luxurious, velvety cream into a grainy puddle. It happened again today when I made this cake for R’s birthday party. The white chocolate mousse frosting seemed

The Perfect Butter Cake


Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I’ve reached another career milestone. I have perfected the butter cake. It’s probably the most basic of all cakes. But for the life of me, I could never get it right. Blame it on these three words: Light and fluffy. Almost all butter cake recipes call for the creaming method,