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Strawberry Shortcake


I never thought I’d say this, but could making a genoise be this easy? I’m currently reviewing four baking cookbooks for the newspaper, and – since I have time – I’m trying out one recipe from each title to value-add. Just Desserts by Bakerzin’s founder Daniel Tay has a recipe for strawberry shortcake that I

Milk chocolate peanut butter ganache


I’ve been dying to make this frosting since I came across it in Tish Boyle’s The Cake Book. She said: “Something downright magical happens when peanut butter and chocolate get together,” and she is absolutely right. The saltiness of the peanut butter reins in the sweetness of chocolate. So what you get is a frosting

My Wedding Cake


I’m going to make a lot of strawberry shortcake and write all about it in this blog because it is, hands down, my favourite cake in the whole wide world. As far as I’m concerned, chocolate fudge cake, tiramisu, brownies - or whatever most people say is their ultimate confectionery sin – don’t even come close. I love

The Feeding Of The 130


First up: These photos were not taken by husband Z. There was no artful styling nor meticulous framing because it was not the time nor the place for it. When a cake order threatens to become the mother of all cake disasters, the last thing you think about is photos for your blog. I’d thought